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According to HMDA Master Plan 2031 Land use zones are divided into 12 zones. Let us know about the zoning methods briefly.


It is a method of urban planning in which the government divides land into areas called zones. Zoning may combine several compatible activities. Examples of zoning classifications include residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, or hotel/hospitality, among other more specific uses. The differing regulations may govern the density, size, and shape of allowed buildings whatever their use. T Zoning may specify a variety of outright and conditional uses of land.

HMDA Land use Zoning allows local governments to regulate which areas under their jurisdiction may have real estate or land used for particular purposes.


  • Residential Use Zone (R1, R2, R3 and R4)
  • Peri-Urban Use Zone
  • Commercial Use Zone
  • Manufacturing Use Zone
  • Multiple Use Zone
  • Public, Semi-Public Facilities and Utilities Use Zone
  • Forest Zone
  • Water Bodies Zone
  • Agriculture Use Zone/li>
  • Traffic and Transportation Use Zone
  • Recreation and Open Space Use Zone
  • Special Reservations Zone


1.Residential Use Zone

The Residential zones are classified as R-1, R-2, R-3, and R-4 zones. A residential zone means an area of a residential neighbourhood where businesses may or may not be conducted. The purpose of this zone is to preserve the residential character of the neighbourhood without more intensive multifamily uses or businesses.

Residential Zone has 4 kinds of Categories. They’re:

  • R1 – Residential Use Zone
  • R2 – Residential Use Zone
  • R3 – Residential Use Zone
  • Manufacturing Use Zone
  • R4 – Residential Use Zone

Let’s understand these Zones in detail.

2. Peri-Urban Zone

In Peri-urban zone, we can use 25% of the land for construction. For Residential construction, only 15 Meters of height is allowed and for commercial, 18 M is allowed. There will be specified conditions based on construction.

3. Commercial Use Zone

All the commercial activities can be done in this zone.

4. Manufacturing Use Zone

This zone is categorized into 2 types: a) Manufacturing use zone This land is only for Industrial development. Residential constructions are not allowed. b) Work Centers It is designed according to the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) master plan.

5. Public and Semi-Public Use Zone

The purpose of the public and semi-public zone is to recognize that public and semi-public facilities and institutions provide necessary services to the community and have their own unique set of circumstances.

This zone is classified into 3 types:

  • Public, Semi-Public facilities, and utilities use zone
  • Public Utilities
  • Amenities

6. Multiple Use Zone

It is near the Outer Ring Road. All the constructions which are allowed in the Residential zones are Allowed here.

It is classified into four categories:

  • Multiple Use Zone
  • Special Development Zone
  • Central Square
  • General Development Promotion Zone (GDPZ)

7. Recreation and Open Space Zone

This land is used only for entertainment purposes. This could be anything from parks, open spaces, athletic fields, playgrounds, and swimming pools.

It is classified into three categories:

  • Recreational Use Zone
  • Open Space Buffer (Around Foreshore of Waterbodies)
  • Himayath Sagar Afforestation Zone

8. Water Bodies

The majority of the Water Body Zone generally consists of all water bodies, i.e. Rivers, Streams, Lakes, Tanks, and Kuntas. Water bodies, Himayat Sagar and all other rivers and lakes come under this zone.

9. Forest Zone

Forest zones can only be used for growing plants and greenery. Other activities are prohibited.

10. Special Reservations Zone

This zone consists of Historic Buildings and Precincts, Defence Lands, etc.

It is classified into four categories:

  • Heritage Buildings and Precincts (S1)
  • Defence / Military Lands (S2)
  • Bio Conservation Zone (S3)
  • Others (S4)

11. Conservation (Agriculture)

The Peri-Urban Use Zone is designated as Conservation (Agriculture) Use Zone. Agricultural land is used to grow and harvest crops and livestock. This could be anything from ranches to farms to pastures.

12. Traffic and Transportation

Traffic and transportation zone is nothing but the provision of transport to help people get from one destination to the other.

It is classified into four categories:

  • Roads
  • Railways / Railway Stations
  • Bus Depots, Passenger / Freight Terminals
  • Airports